Who and what is Heal The World For Children?

We’ve recently had new people discover and inquire about our organization, so we thought we give you a quick summary! We are a registered international charity operating in several locations around the world. We have local events annually such as the Children’s Festival, Hospital Visits and tree planting events. Recently we implemented global projects such as aiding Africa and Cambodia. In 2012 we shipped hospital supplies and other necessary items to Sierra Leone. In 2013 we’ll be visiting an orphanage/student center in Cambodia. Our goal is to continue with at least one global project each year.

HTWFC is an independent organization founded in 2009 in memory of Michael Jackson but we are NOT affiliated with the original Heal the World Foundation or the Michael Jackson Estate. Our organization is run by current board members Talin (Los Angeles), Ariel (Los Angeles), Irina (New York), Jojo (UK), Bianca (The Netherlands), and Laura (Spain). We have appointed event organizers in various cities that coordinate and plan local events.

Each and all of us are volunteers and have very minimal operational costs. This makes it possible for ALL donations to go towards our causes! Heal The World For Children is a very small organization with limited funding. We operate with under $10k funding annually. Our main source of funding comes from online donations and repeat supporters – which is you! Our events are very important to us and we all work very hard to touch the few lives that we do.

We’d like to sincerely thank those who contribute their time and/or money to make it all possible and we’d like to welcome all new inquiries and possible supporters.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for further information: info@healtheworldforchildren.org