The way HTWFC works with locations

Heal The World For Children operates in many cities throughout the world and we are continuing to grow each year. Some of our supporters have been wondering why we don’t have events in their part of the world that they can volunteer for. This note is to explain how we work and how we add new locations to our list of existing ones.

The board does not chose which city to add. The process is initiated by a person who is interested in becoming an Event Organizer in their part of the world.

That person interested contacts us with their inquiry and we communicate our rules and by-laws and if they follow through the entire process they become a new team member and events are started in their city, wherever that may be. Part of the steps in the process include organizing some kind of a small charity event (i.e. a hospital visit) on their own without promoting it as a HTWFC event, doing a criminal background check, and providing us with reference letters. Then once the Event Organizer is selected they are responsible for raising funds, recruiting volunteers, and planning the events with the supervision of the board members.

We are very willing and eager to add new cities but we have to be very strict about this process because we are a legally registered charity and our events involve children. Those who currently organize events have all been thought this process. As you can imagine, it is a lot of work and responsibility, so if we don’t have events close to you it is because no one in your area has offered to apply for the leader role.

We welcome any and all questions and we thank you for your continued support.