The lucky winners of MJ’s autograph

On October 2nd we presented in Madrid the amazing autograph signed by MJ in 2009 to the lucky winners. This autograph was donated by a supporter to us, and HTWFC raffled it among all the people that donated $20 to support the preparation of the Children’s Festivals. Among all the possible destinations around the world the autograph went to Madrid, and we luckily were able to present it in person which also gave us the opportunity to meet an amazing couple that certainly will treasure this autograph forever! They already had two possible places where to place the autograph and we are certain that in any of those places the autograph will shine.

They told us they made their donation during their holidays, when they read the read the announcement at the website MJ’s Hideout and from there they were able to know more about HTWFC, our efforts, our mission, our activities and the different ways they could contribute. We spent a great day, time flew talking about Michael and we are confident we can count on Ana and Antonio, our lucky winners, to work closely in many future projects within our organization.

Once again we would like to send our gratitude to all the amazing people who took part in this raffle, your support was more than important in the development of all the Children’s Festivals this year. We also would like to congratulate Ana and Antonio. Thanks to their support they got to take home an invaluable autograph of Michael, a REAL treasure!