Support for our Sierra Leone humanitarian trip

We have been overwhelmed by the support we received for our Sierra Leone campaign so far. We would like to highlight two collaborations. First, we are proud to announce that the organization 2300, through their “Dresses From Neverland” campaign in association with Dress A Girl Around The World offered to collect and donate to Heal The World For Children dresses for Sierra Leone girls. 2300 is a non-profit organization re-imagining 21st Century philanthropy through the globally unifying medium of artist-humanitarian Michael Jackson. The mission of Dress a Girl Around the World is to elevate the esteem of girls around the world by making sure every little girl has the dignity of owning at least one dress. Their respective websites are:


Second, Michael Jackson Fans for Charity have kindly donated a This Is It Lenticular Ticket and Commemorative Program, to help us raise funds for our Africa visit through an auction. MJ Fans for Charity are the creators of the Global Total, which is a detailed list of money fans are raising all around the world and they are also the ones behind the “1 Million for Michael” Project which encourages fans to pledge just 1 unit of their currency monthly, and where the pledgers get to vote on the beneficiaries of each monthly payout.” Their website is: