Springtime Chain of Flowers for Prince, Paris & Blanket

Let Michael’s kids know how much you care! Donate $10 or more towards our Cambodia project in Michael’s memory and we’ll give his kids a flower with your name on it and your short message on a greetings card, just in time for spring and Paris’ birthday. For our 2013 global project, we’ll be visiting Savong Orphan & Student Center in Cambodia.

Just like the chain of hearts we made for our Sierra Leone project, we will inform Prince, Paris and Blanket about this project by presenting them with a chain of flowers. Last year Paris tweeted about receiving the heart chain which was a very nice surprise!

Each person who donates $10 will get their name & location written on a flower cut out as seen on the pictures below. Flowers will be joined together to make a chain showing all the love from around the world. 100% of your donations will go towards supplies for the kids and students of Cambodia. You may also add a short (2 line/40 words) message to Prince, Paris and Blanket! These messages will be nicely presented on a card and given to them along with the flower chain. Wish Paris Happy Birthday, wish them all Happy Easter, or just let them know that you love them.

Please keep in mind the following:

1. Donate $10 through our Donate page.

2. Add your personal message to the donation.

3. Deadline to donate is March 15th.