• Global project visit to Cambodia

    Global project visit to Cambodia

    Our 2013 global project was helping the youth of Cambodia. Throughout the year we raised approximately $4,000 and used every penny of that fund to fulfill the needs of some very deserving Cambodians at...

  • 2012 Hospital Visits

    2012 Hospital Visits

    As every year we held our annual Hospital Visits around the very important Universal Children’s Day, which is on November 20th. This year a special project took up most of our effort and attention...

  • L.A.’s Thriller Festival

    L.A.’s Thriller Festival

    For the 4th annual Children’s Festival in Los Angeles, we decided to do something a little different. We celebrated Halloween, in true Thriller style!  We had 80 kids attend the event in their...

  • 2012 Children’s Festival

    2012 Children’s Festival

    It was that time of the year again! Around Michael Jackson’s birthday, which is on August 29th, we held our annual Children’s Festivals in cities around the world. For most cities it was the...

  • 2011 Children’s Festival

    2011 Children’s Festival

    On August 29th of this year it would’ve been Michael Jackson’s 53rd birthday. To honour this day we did our third time of Children’s Festivals throughout the world. In preparation of...

  • 2011 Earth Day

    2011 Earth Day

    On April 22nd, we held our second annual International Earth Day event. We planted trees in many cities around the world and took good care of our planet together with a bunch of school kids. Next to that...

  • 2010 Hospital Visits

    2010 Hospital Visits

    On November 20th, which is Universal Children’s Day, we did our second time of hospital visits around the world. We brought toys to all the sick children and gave them some happiness through the sad...

  • 2010 Children’s Festival

    2010 Children’s Festival

    On Michael’s 52nd birthday, August 29th, we held Children’s Festivals in a lot of cities around the world for disadvantaged and sick children. It was our second time we held the Children’s...

  • 2010 Earth Day

    2010 Earth Day

    On April 22nd it is International Earth Day, and for this day we have held tree planting events in cities around the world. The Earth Day events were wonderful, and we would like to thank all of you for...

  • 2009 Hospital Visits

    2009 Hospital Visits

    On November 20th it is Universal Children’s Day, and on this day we decided to be there for children who have to spend a lot, if not all, of their time in a hospital. We brought toys and gifts to...

  • 2009 Children’s Festival in L.A.

    2009 Children’s Festival in L.A.

    In remembrance of the King of Pop, we hosted our very first Children’s Festival at Elysian Park in Los Angeles on August 29th, 2009 which would be Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday. Children and...

The way HTWFC works with locations

The way HTWFC works with locations Heal The World For Children operates in many cities throughout the world and we are continuing to grow each year. Some of our supporters have been wondering why we don’t have events in their part of the world that they can volunteer for. This note is to explain how we work and how we add new locations to our list of existing ones. The board does not chose which city to add. The process is initiated by a person who is interested in becoming an Event Organizer in their part of the world. That... Read More
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Letter from The Brookdale Hospital

Letter from The Brookdale Hospital How sweet! We received a thank you letter from the hospital we visited on Universal Children Day in Brooklyn, New York City! Those kids had life threatening diseases and most of them were hooked on IVs. Our most heartfelt thanks to the hospital for letting us be with the children. We were very glad to be... Read More
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The Valentine Heart Chain is almost finished

The Valentine Heart Chain is almost finished Hooray! The deadline for donating towards our Valentine’s heart chain has passed. A massive thank you to all of you who have helped us create a beautiful chain for Prince, Paris and Blanket. We raised an approximate total of $2,970 for our visit to a village hospital for children in Sierra Leone, an African country plagued by extreme poverty and political unrest. Isn’t this an amazing amount? We have been working very hard to create all the lovely hearts and want to share some of... Read More
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Support for our Sierra Leone humanitarian trip

Support for our Sierra Leone humanitarian trip We have been overwhelmed by the support we received for our Sierra Leone campaign so far. We would like to highlight two collaborations. First, we are proud to announce that the organization 2300, through their “Dresses From Neverland” campaign in association with Dress A Girl Around The World offered to collect and donate to Heal The World For Children dresses for Sierra Leone girls. 2300 is a non-profit organization re-imagining 21st Century philanthropy through the globally... Read More
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