Letter from Edna Cerritos

Dear Heal The World For Children,

I was invited to a celebration in honor of Michael Jackson’s birthday here in Los Angeles. The celebration here in Elysian was really nice! Then I connected with you on Facebook and read you are doing a hospital visit in November and was wondering if you will be visiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. There are many sick kids here…and it is a great hospital as it gave me a second chance to live and they do take toy donations. It would be great if you could come. My name is Edna and I am 13 yrs old I am a brain tumor patient at CHLA and I know how it feels to receive a toy when you are in the hospital. It helps you forget about pain when you get painful procedures. I am in remission now “thankfully”. It would be great if someone came in honor of Michael Jackson to heal the children at CHLA because kids from all over the world get treated there. You can contact Volunteers Department, the person in charge is Albert Garcia.

Well, thank you!
Edna Cerritos