Global project visit to Cambodia

Our 2013 global project was helping the youth of Cambodia. Throughout the year we raised approximately $4,000 and used every penny of that fund to fulfill the needs of some very deserving Cambodians at the Savong Orphan Center and Student Center. We had a party for about 100 kids and teens. They prepared a ceremony for us which included singing Heal The World. Dinner was served followed by hours of dancing and lots of fun.

Some of the girls at the Savong Student Center are currently living in one room at a guest house while attending school. We sponsored school tuition for one of them named Milea. We also purchased bikes for them to help them get to and from school. During our visit we learned that they are in need of some essential items such as backpacks, shoes and shampoo, so we went shopping for them. To continue our support of such miscellaneous necessities, we also decided to sponsor their small monthly allowance for an entire year. Another much needed item for the girls was a computer monitor that we purchased.

The Savong Student Center facility is where the boys live. We purchased computers, desks and chairs for their new computer room and they placed a plaque outside the door recognizing HTWFC as the donor. We also bought a bike for one of the boys. During our visit we spent some time teaching basic English to the kids and hanging out with them.

We’d like to send a deep and sincere thank you to everyone who contributed to this global project. It’s important that our supporters know that 100% of the donations were spent on the children. Travel and other expenses were paid for out of pocket by our members who visited Cambodia.

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