Dresses From Neverland

Dresses From Neverland In partnership with Dress a Girl Around the World, 2300 Make A Pact is re-igniting its “Dresses From Neverland” campaign once again to collect dresses for little girls suffering from impoverished and underprivileged circumstances. Last year, 2300 has sent 500 dresses to girls in Appalachia. This year, their dresses will be donated to us, Heal The World For Children, in support of our humanitarian trip to Sierra Leone, Africa. Dresses will be hand-delivered by the HTWFC team to girls... Read More
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Paris tweets about the Valentine’s Heart Chain

Paris tweets about the Valentine's Heart Chain Last night, Paris Jackson tweeted a photo of the Valentine’s Heart Chain. Thank you everyone for contributing. Together with the heart chain we’ve also included a note about the reason behind it and about our Africa plans. We hope it warms your heart knowing that Prince, Paris, and Blanket received your... Read More
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The way HTWFC works with locations

The way HTWFC works with locations Heal The World For Children operates in many cities throughout the world and we are continuing to grow each year. Some of our supporters have been wondering why we don’t have events in their part of the world that they can volunteer for. This note is to explain how we work and how we add new locations to our list of existing ones. The board does not chose which city to add. The process is initiated by a person who is interested in becoming an Event Organizer in their part of the world. That... Read More
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The Valentine Heart Chain is almost finished

The Valentine Heart Chain is almost finished Hooray! The deadline for donating towards our Valentine’s heart chain has passed. A massive thank you to all of you who have helped us create a beautiful chain for Prince, Paris and Blanket. We raised an approximate total of $2,970 for our visit to a village hospital for children in Sierra Leone, an African country plagued by extreme poverty and political unrest. Isn’t this an amazing amount? We have been working very hard to create all the lovely hearts and want to share some of... Read More
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